One of the best download sites is FileHippo

File Sharing

Here is a great way to share files between computers, it's called Dropbox.
You get 2 gigs of FREE space to share and backup files between computers.
Basically, you download this program and install it. Then create a Dropbox account.
A Dropbox icon will appear on your desktop. Simply drag the files you wish to share and backup onto that icon, and they will be uploaded to the Dropbox servers.

Now install the program onto the other computers you want users such as co-workers to share and work with. Instead of choosing to create a new account, they will log into the account you created. Depending how many files you have in the Dropbox, they will magically appear in minutes, ready to read, edit or print.

A PDF of instructions is provided with the installed program.

Dropbox is ideal for office to home use and for remote working between offices.

Should you require more than the free 2 gigs space, more can be purchased.

Download Dropbox  here

Alternative to Acrobat Reader

Adobe's Acrobat reader is a bloated piece of software with numerous security issues. Better alternatives exist to read PDF files. My favourite is Foxit Reader, it is fast and reliable. No more being pestered to accept licence terms every time you need to open a PDF file. Download Foxit Reader free from my favourite download site here Foxit

Foxit also do versions to create and edit PDF files at very reasonable cost. Foxitsoftware

Best System Cleaner

Microsoft Windows creates a surprising number of temporary files that remain on the system. Through time they slow your computer down and waste disk space. Also the PC's registry gets clogged up with unused entries. There are loads of paid for programs out there that claim to do wonders for your computers performance. However CCleaner is a free and proven utility that is safe to use and very efficient. Download it from Filehippo here CCleaner

It takes minutes to install, and depending how much garbage it finds, from a few minutes up to almost an hour to run. Having cleaned your system, it is now a good time to defrag the hard drive.

Best defrag program

Of course Windows has its own built in defrag option. However it is limited and doesn't allow such options as defragging only some file, or more importantly reorganising data on the hard drive such as putting program file in the fastest loading area. My own favourite defrag program is MyDefrag. I like the fact that it allows everything from freeing space on a very full disk right up to a very intense optimisation of the drive. Another defrag utility worth a try is Defraggler, both are available from FileHippo